Nov 15, 2012

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Hey guys,

If any of you are still following this blog, sorry that I have stopped blogging! I am here to say, however, that not all is lost. I have started a new blog, with my sister, that will soon correspond with bigger and better things so keep alert and follow me. It should be a good time:
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Mar 3, 2012

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Jan 25, 2012

and this is the best.

Check this out.

Stare at the red dot on this picture for 30 seconds.
Then look at the ceiling, or a blank section of a white wall and blink repeatedly.
What do you see?
Crazy huh?


Last week was the week of sandwiches. It all started when Dave and I tried to buy some pepperoni at my favourite smoke shop j n & z Meats. When we got there a sign on the door informed us that they would be closed until the middle of February. Well, my meat loving man almost had a cardiac arrest at such outrageous news, so to calm and appease him I took him to the italian deli/sandwich shop a couple stores down the way.

The sandwiches are perfect. First you choose from foccacia, sub buns, or italian crusty bread. They then go on to let you choose from pestos, mustards, mayos, oils, vinagers, meats, cheeses, pickled olives, eggplant, roasted peppers, veggies galore, really any topping you can think of. Then they grill it. OH MAN. A perfecct crush. oozing cheese, tons of toppings. A perfect sandwich.

If you are ever in Vancouver and need a perfect sandwich, please go to:
La Grotta Del Formaggio on Commercial Drive.

So that sandwich kinda started the whole thing, suddenly we were in a sandwich fury. Needing our next hit. A couple days later (I mean come on, we have a little willpower) we decided to check out Meat and Bread. A place we have been hearing about for a while in gas town.

Heres the link:
check it out.

This place was everything I've ever wanted. Anyone who comes to visit me in Vancouver is going to come with me. OMG.

To start with the ambiance was perfect. In three words: Minimalitic, Rustic, Taxidermy.
There were adorable men slicing the meat and assembling the 'wiches. There was delicious beer, perfect mushroom soup, homemade mustard to dip the sandwich in. And the sandwiches were perfect. The name says it all Meat and Bread. Perfect bread, expertly cooked meat, thoughtful toppings. Wow.

Alright. So take a drink of water, take some deep breaths, do what you need to do to, the story continues.

We decided, last Saturday to make our own epic sandwich. Perfect bread, perfect meat, perfect toppings. The hunt was on, and here's what we made:

Cobs Rustic Sesame Bread
Italian Bacon
Tomato CrustedTurkey
Green Peppers
Red Onion
Homemade sweet mustard
Homemade Zucchini Relish


Jan 9, 2012


Sorry I haven't been blogging very much lately. I have a new obsession.

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I have learnt this year that nothing worth having is obtained without hard work.Relationships worth having take communication, effort, tears, frustration, compromise, tough love. Finding a job you love takes hours, ground work, call backs, resumes, countless cover letters, perhaps even education, and definitely thoughtful effort. Being the kind of person you want to be, whether you find yourself working on being kind, being clean, or being fit. Takes goal setting, concentration, perseverance, dedication and sometimes overwhelming amounts of personal effort.

I used to think that life was supposed to be easy, that skills I wanted, or the strength I desired, would just come to me, because I deserved it. Because I was good person, and thats the way it had always worked out. Life was easy, and in my mind it would continue to be easy. However this year has changed that entitled rich girl attitude. Turns out I have to work for what I want. Turns out, I have to work hard, and put time and energy into the task, relationship, or goal I want to achieve. Turns out the life I want, requires my best effort, every day, all the time. Turns out, life is hard.

But today, I have made peace with the fact life is hard. That its ok. Because pain, or hardships, they build.

They Build:
Self Worth

If I want something, I need to work hard to get it.
Today, I have decided to work hard.